Buying Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets Online

Here is a brief description of my experience buying Universal Studios tickets online with AguidetoAnaheim and then printing my tickets at home.

We were going to go to Universal Studios Hollywood to celebrate our daughter’s birthdays.  We are a family of six and Universal Studios sounded like a great way to have fun as a family. When we were looking at the various websites to buy tickets we came across  They claimed to offer discounts on Universal Studios tickets so we looked at their options.  We were very happy to see that each ticket was actually $13 cheaper than other sites for the Universal Studios Hollywood Front of the Line Tickets we wanted.

We went ahead and started the process of buying our tickets online.  We clicked the amount of tickets we wanted and proceeded to purchase our Universal Studios Tickets with AGuidetoAnaheim.  It was so easy to do.  Once we finished filling out our information and paying with our credit card, we immediately received an email confirmation and this took us to the page where we could print our Universal Studios Tickets at home.  This was SO EASY!!  We printed our tickets and went to the park the following Sunday.

What was so AWESOME about using AGuidetoAnaheim to buy Universal Studios Tickets was that we had until Dec 18th to actually use our tickets. This was a real blessing because one of our children wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay home that day so rather than lose his ticket, we just didn’t use it and now have a ticket to use before Dec 18th.  So whether we go again as a family or he goes with his friends, the ticket is still valid.

We would highly recommend using the AGuidetoAnaheim and their other Aguideto sites.  We have used it several times for other theme parks, Anaheim hotels and even Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona and we always save money on our tickets, tours and hotels and print our tickets at home which is very Quick and Easy!

Side Note: We bought the Front Gate parking for $17 more at the Park and it was worth it! So nice to walk out after a full day and your car is right there. Our feet were thankful!!

I took some screenshot images of the process as we went through it to show how easy it is!


AGuidetoAnaheim - Buying Universal Studios Hollywood Tickets Online

Universal Studios Tickets - Buying Tickets online at a discount

Buying Universal Studios Hollywood tickets online

Universal Studios Hollywood - Buy online and print at home tickets