A 10 year old’s review of Studio Disney 365 (Now Anna & Elsa’s Boutique) at Downtown Disney

If you are wondering whether or not to take your daughter and her friends, read this review!

(Please note Studio Disney 365 is now Anna & Elsa’s Boutique)

Studio Disney 365, is now Anna & Elsa’s Boutique and a great place to be while your in Downtown Disney. The Studio is also a boutique of things that relate mostly to Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouse. First, when you walk in you choose a hairstyle from their wide selection. Then, they seat you in a chair facing away from the mirror, and start on your hair. After completing your hair, you can pick out what color makeup you want. They have a variety of colors that can be chosen from. Next they give the option of wearing a tiara. The tiaras come in white, pink, and blue. Once finished with everything your chair is turned around and you can see the hairstyle for yourself. In addition to this you will get a bag with all the supplies the stylist used in case you want to try doing your own hair at home. I was very satisfied with my makeup and hair.

I would give it 5/5 stars.

I would highly recommend Disney 365 Studio/Anna & Elsa’s Boutique for a girl’s get together or birthday party.


Studio Disney 365 hairstyle after

Studio Disney 365 “After”

Studio Disney 365 hairstyle before

Studio Disney 365 “Before”